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3 Easy Steps

The simple steps so you can start to get an extra income. Here you get all the time in your appropriate to maintain active service.


Signing up is free and immediately after activating your account, you can now promote your affiliate link.

See Customers

Researching customers you can offer our services informing your affiliate link, so if it will hire, will count in your account.

Earn High

For greater profitability, get the largest number of potential customers. Indicating the people you keep winning while the client maintain service!

Commissions rates

Know how much you can get profit for each service provided by us, and so get a baseline of what the best services to disclose.

Product Sales Comissions
TeamSpeak 3 100 Slots200 Slots400 SlotsUnlimited
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Dedicated Server 1-56-1011-20Unlimited
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Web Hosting 1-56-1011-20Unlimited
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VPS Linux 1-56-1011-20Unlimited
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VPS Cloud 1-56-1011-20Unlimited
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MarketCash is a cryptocurrency focused on privacy, that is, both the user and his transactions are private and nobody can identify him.

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