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    Up to

    VPS Linux
    1 GB of RAM and 20 GB HD
    Monthly Traffic Unlimited
    Uplink 100 Mbps
    Up to 20 IPv4
    99,9% SLA (Uptime)

VPS Resources

The client has a number of resources dedicated to the machine that runs your VPS, such as memory and disk space. You can use its resources to the limit, without worrying about harming other customers.


We have an excellent network hardware and promoting a great stability.


Each server has dedicated resources without allowing the use of the above contract.


With VPS Linux you can just choose Linux systems for installation.

Technical Support

We know that the development of its activities will depend on the availability of your product Selva Host.

Our Plans

Each plan has been set for the customer to choose what best plays its application.


/ month
  • IPs: 1
  • 1 vCore
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HD: 20 GB
  • Anti-DDoS: Included
  • Uplink: 100 Mbps
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/ month
  • IPs: 1
  • 1 vCore
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HD: 35 GB
  • Anti-DDoS: Included
  • Uplink: 100 Mbps
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/ month
  • IPs: 1
  • 2 vCores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • HD: 50 GB
  • Anti-DDoS: Included
  • Uplink: 100 Mbps
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/ month
  • IPs: 1
  • 4 vCores
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HD: 100 GB
  • Anti-DDoS: Included
  • Uplink: 100 Mbps
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All Plans Includes

Featuring the most flexible VPS service in the industry.


Our Anti-DDOS mechanisms filter the good from the bad traffic and release only what you need to process.

Your Time

Enough to monitor server, here your machine maintains the standard of a server in the cloud, Have fun without worrying about your server!

Best Performance

The servers that make virtualization have high performance and do not exceed the capacity limit.

24/7 Support

There is a team in the data center that is always taking care of the servers that make virtualization.


Applications should be made via ticket and will only be carried out according to your plan.

Network Monitoring

The network of our servers are monitored 24/7 and any problem is solved immediately.

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